Welcome to ChildOrganics!  We are a small family business that focuses on Children’s Organic Products. We strongly believe in nurturing your family naturally and have worked hard to bring you the products to help you do just that. We do this by bringing your products that meet the definition of organic (or-‘gan-ik):adj. meaning Simple, Healthful and Close to Nature.

Simple. We chose products that are made of pure organic cotton and chemical free wool. Pure, organic and simple materials that you feel good about using with your child. Our toys and slings were designed with safety and simplicity of use in mind. I also enjoy sharing with you my love for a simple life through the blog. We don’t carry a wide variety of products, just simply the finest organic baby slings, eco-friendly lambskins and toys.

Healthful. At ChildOrganics we’ve worked hard to bring you chemical free, healthy products for your baby like the organic Storchenwiege Bio Slings and eco-lambskin. The beautiful organic cotton slings are sturdy, and manufactured under the strictest of environmental regulations. It is the same with our lambskin products. Wool is also an environmentally friendly and durable product that you will be pleased with. Wool is amazing in its ability to hold moisture, it’s strong and beautiful.  It is important that we focus on these materials and that they be free of harmful chemicals. Our children are our most important asset and they are much more vulnerable to harmful chemicals than we are. Their small bodies with its high metabolism and their small body weight make them much more susceptible. It’s important to us to keep our daughters and sons protected from these harmful chemicals. We know you think it’s important too, and that’s why you’re here.

Close to Nature. In finding organic children’s products to bring to our customers we took many things into consideration. It was important to us that we chose companies that were ethical.We have chosen companies that process their wool without the use of harmful chemicals. We wanted to be sure our products at ChildOrganics were all fair trade and environmentally friendly. Many of the companies that we bring to you have gone above and beyond to make sure that they pay their workers a living wage and provide them with a safe and clean working environment. This is important to us. This business was started as a means for me to stay home with my family, and we like to support other families doing the same thing. We hope you’ll enjoy our fair trade and environmentally friendly products.

We appreciate you taking the time to stop and visit our place on the web.