A Waldorf expedition

Yesterday afternoon my daughter and I went to Mountain Song School’s open house. It’s the only Waldorf school in the Knoxville area. It had such a peaceful atmosphere, and I love the fact that they provide the children with organic, healthy snacks every day! We really enjoyed our visit.
I particularly love the Waldorf dolls. In most instances the Waldorf dolls are made with wool and cotton. The faces usually have minimal detail. This allows the child to fill in the emotions and feelings that the want for their doll. I really like that about the dolls. I know my daughter was given a doll once that its face was crying and sad. She loved that doll, she was always trying to comfort it. But no matter what, he was sad. Waldorf dolls take a special place in the heart of many children because they are so simple. That is part of their charm.
As most parents know, simple toys without all of the bells and whistles seem to be the most played with. Choosing natural, simple toys will aid in developing your child’s imagination.


One thought on “A Waldorf expedition”

  1. I found your blog on a search. i have had my daughter in Waldorf since she was 2 1/2. i would not give that up for anything. one of the criteria that is essential for us whenever we relocate is to move somewhere there is a waldorf school or we will homeschool. it is the most amazing learning environment that you could ever imagine.


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