National TV Turnoff Week

I really believe that I personally watch too much TV. I have tried to make sure I don’t pass my bad habit of TV watching along to my daughter. So I have put forth extra effort to monitor the TV she does watch and choose channels like Noggin with no commercials.
My husband works for the cable company, so this makes it a bit more difficult. We get over 400 channels, ugh! In the past few months, we have been able to use a DVR, it’s kind of like TiVo. That has been wonderful, I can record programs that I do want to see, and I don’t waste as much of my time switching through the channels or watching something that I am really not interested in watching. This also helps with recording children’s programs that we want to watch and having them available when we do let our daughter watch TV.
Well, this week is National TV Turnoff week. I’m giving it a try! So far, so good. I hope that by doing this, it will start me off on a road to eliminating TV watching on a daily basis for our family.
So this is a great opportunity to get creative and think of new and fun things to do with your toddlers. We made caterpillars out of envelopes today. It involved painting and cutting and it was really pretty simple. Our daughter was thrilled to no end. Now Daddy is home and the caterpillar is helping to read some books.
I encourage you to take advantage of this week. Read more books, do puzzles, play board games. Have fun!