Meeting Midwife number 2

We had our second appointment at the birthing center this morning. I had all of my paperwork with me. I had kept a written record of my meals for a few days for them to check over. I do this for my birthing classes, too. I feel it’s really important to keep a written log of your nutrition choices for a few weeks. This way you are able to find out your strengths and weaknesses in your food choices. I’m a vegetarian, and the hardest thing for me to to meet my requirements is with protein. So I keep careful track reach day of my protein intake to make sure I’m getting between 80-100 grams daily. Most people struggle with getting their 2 servings of greens each day. I have an easier time with this, I love green vegetables!
We had other paperwork to hand in, regarding our wishes for the rest of the birth. We had to do some research as to which tests we wanted to do throughout the pregnancy and wish we weren’t interested in. We are pretty low intervention in our viewpoint, and we only opted for the 20-week ultrasound at this point.
We met with the second midwife, Christine. She was very friendly. I really like how the Midwives that I’ve met have been so down to earth. I often find doctors come across egotistical. I never feel that way here with the midwives, at least with the ones I’ve met so far. I found out I haven’t gained very much weight since my last appointment, maybe 2 lbs.
At the end of the appointment, we were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I also mentioned that I had felt the baby move for the first time, it was that first little flutter deep in my tummy.