Appointment and midwife number 3

This appointment was scheduled on a Wednesday, so my husband wasn’t able to attend. My mother decided to go along with me. She had never seen the birthing center before, so I was excited to give her the opportunity to see the atmosphere there and get a feel for the place. She was also a great help in keeping my toddler occupied during the appointment.
I loved the fact that I didn’t have to wait but 5 minutes before we were called back for our appointment. This time, we met with Linda, she is the head CNM at the birthing center. I had met her before when making arrangements to teach my birthing classes there the year before. She is very knowledgeable, and soft spoken. She makes you feel at ease with her right away. This appointment was pretty relaxed, she asking if we had any questions and kept a check on my weight, urine protein, etc. I again didn’t gain very much weight. I need to focus on gaining some more weight. I was like this when I was pregnant with my daughter too. I seemed to catch up in the last trimester, though, so maybe this pregnancy will be the same.
We heard the heartbeat, and I had some blood drawn to check my iron level. Everything checked out fine. I did learn that Christine, the midwife at my last appointment, was leaving. A new midwife would be replacing her, I was sad to see her go.
I showed my mom around the Birthing center. We stopped to look at all of the baby pictures on the walls too. She was impressed. Now we go next week for our 20-week ultrasound at the Hospital.