Good-bye birthing center, Hello high risk pregnancy!

Needless to say, it took us awhile to try to digest the full spectrum of the diagnosis from our last appointment. We did research on the internet and looked for more information everywhere. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of information out there. We found a few list serves online that seemed to be the most helpful. There weren’t many books written about the Hydrocephalus or Dandy-Walker.
Our care was transferred from the Birthing Center to the High-Risk Perinatal Center. I mourned the loss of our healthy baby as well as the loss of hopes of having the water birth I was so looking forward to. I was very depressed over the next few weeks trying to grasp the full meaning of what our future held for our unborn baby. I did my best to stay busy and not focus on the negative aspect of things.
So much of the information online was negative. I also felt the doctors were very negative and always spoke in worst case scenarios. We met with the Pediatric Neurosurgeon at Children’s Hospital, Dr. Harris. He did take the time to set down with my husband and myself and explain his role in performing a shunt surgery in our daughters brain to release the cerebrospinal fluid from her brain. This would more than likely take place within a day or two after her birth. I found this so distressing to think of my fragile newborn baby girl going under general anesthesia for brain surgery!
We made sure not to include our three-year-old on these appointments. We kept her informed on her level was was going on, but felt it was best she not be included in all of the details. She was is too young to understand anyway. She knows her baby sister has a boo-boo on her brain and will have to stay in the hospital to get better.
Initially, I found myself most upset about being thrown into the high-risk circus arena. As a natural childbirth educator, I always taught couples how to stay low risk because you have more options. Here I found myself in a completely different situation. This meant more ultrasounds than I could imagine, more tests, more appointments, and giving up my ideal birth. This pregnancy has been a real eye-opener for me, a great lesson. All of the medical interventions that I taught about avoiding were going to be needed for my unborn baby girl to be as healthy as possible.