A three week ritual

So now we go back for an Ultrasound every three weeks. During our last visit, I was about 23 weeks and the baby’s head circumference was measuring 201 mm, which was right on track with how pregnant I was. Her ventricle measurements, however, were 12mm on the left and 27mm on the right lateral ventricle.
So here we are three weeks later. We found that we were taking the first week after the appointments to be depressed and adjust to the new information that was shared with us. The second week we were usually feeling as adjusted as possible and were able to function pretty normally. The last week before the appointment we found ourselves in complete dread, wondering what news we’d get this week. I learned to hate Mondays pretty quickly.
So now we’re almost 26 weeks pregnant. Her head circumference was now measuring 241.9mm which was equivalent to a little over 26 weeks gestation. Her ventricles increased from 17mms on the left and 36mms on the right. Her abdominal cavity and other measurements were about 4 weeks behind. She was now labeled with IUGR or Intrauterine Growth Restriction. We were measuring in the <5% percentile for growth.
The staff gave us the phone number for the social worker at the NICU. So now we needed to make plans to visit the NICU and get some idea of what to expect when we are spending our time there.