The benefits of a vaginal birth

Time is marching on, and it seems like we’ll have a good day then we’ll have a bad day. I guess that’s just how the body and mind help us cope. One day I feel like I can handle anything that we are presented with, then I’ll feel completely overwhelmed the next day and struggle to get out of bed. I’m thankful for my faith that helps me have hope, I’m also thankful that I have such a supportive group of family and friends that are always checking in on us.
I’m really struggling with the idea of having a Cesarean. I believe so strongly that there are so many advantages of having a baby vaginally. I also believe that Cesareans are often overused in our country. I do realize that our situation, as with many Hydrocephalus infants, will more than likely require a Cesarean for the safety of myself and my baby. I do, however, continue to keep the possibility of a vaginal birth before the eyes of my doctor.
I think I am all too familiar with the increased risks of a birth by Cesarean Section. There is a higher death rate associated with cesareans, also their is a higher rate of injury and risks to the baby in most situations. Simply because of the nature of the invasive process you have a higher risk of infection, a higher risk of complications due to anesthesia and a higher rate of post-partum pain, not to mention any emotional reactions of a negative birth experience. One of the major factors that concerned me was the lack of stimulation my baby would receive by being born through Cesarean. I wanted her to benefit from the process of labor and birth in regards to her breathing and alertness. Labor is important to both mother and baby. Another benefit of a vaginal birth is the baby’s lungs are squeezed as the baby passes through the birth canal and removes any fluid from the lungs, this obviously doesn’t happen in a Cesarean birth. I know some doctors are open to massaging the baby afterward, and this has been of some benefit. My doctors have not been open to the idea so far, but I’ll continue to bring it up just in case.
I do need to say that I had a wonderful birth experience with my first daughter. I found it very empowering and the most wonderful day of my life. I was only hoping to share the same experience with my second daughter. I now need to change my focus on move past my hopes of a vaginal birth, and focus on enjoying the birth of my second daughter now matter how she is born.
Here’s what we learned at our appointment this week: I am almost 33 weeks pregnant at this point. Her head Circumference is 316.20mm, or measuring a little over 35 weeks. Her abdominal cavity is still behind, measuring 240.7mm or the equivalent of 28 weeks. I’m still gaining weight with normal cord dopplers and amniotic fluid. Her right lateral ventricle measures 58mms and the left ventricle measures 21mms.