Celebrating Pregnancy

I enjoy being pregnant. I get excited to watch my belly enlarge each week, I get excited to wear maternity clothes and I love to feel the little life inside of me kicking and moving around. A lot of the joy has been sucked out of this pregnancy due to the complications of Hydrocephalus and Dandy-Walker to our unborn daughter. Instead of joy and excitement we are often left feeling anxious and depressed.
I really wanted to do something that would help me have some joy and celebrate this pregnancy. We decided to have some pregnancy photos taken. It was a great experience for our entire family. My husband was hesitant at first, but after some thought he agreed. He has a photographer friend at his work that was willing to come to our house to take the photos. We spent the evening posing individually and together as a family with my bare belly. The pictures turned out wonderfully and have brought me a lot of joy just to look at them. I’m so glad we did it!
I hope others take the time to do something to celebrate their pregnancy. Having maternity photos are only one way of doing this. You can use paper mache and make a mold of your belly to remember your pregnancy, you can do this yourself or buy a kit to make it easier. Other moms have had henna tattoos or some sort of artwork painted on the canvas of their tummies. Whether you are having a low or high-risk pregnancy I encourage every mom to be to take the time to really enjoy and celebrate their pregnancy.
At our appointment this week, I had to abandon all possibilities of a vaginal birth. Our daughter’s head circumference is now 370.80mms, or the equivalent of approximately 44 weeks. Her abdominal cavity measures around 246.80mms or about 29 weeks. The right lateral ventricle is measuring about 67mms and the left ventricle measures at 23mms. This was a tough appointment, I went by myself. My husband has always been with me up to this point. They needed three technicians to come in to do the measurements. I was more than happy to leave when this appointment was over! They have scheduled a lung maturity amniocentesis for this next week.