The birth of my sweet baby girl!

We arrived at the hospital around 7:30 Tuesday morning. I was nervous but had done my best to put my relaxation practice to work. We filled out a lot of paperwork and then were taken to our room. We waited an hour before anyone arrived. It seems there were some emergencies and our Cesarean was being moved to after 10:00. That meant more sitting and waiting, ugh!
Finally, they started to prep me for the Cesarean. I met with my nurse and the anesthesiologist. He was a very nice man and explained everything as he went along and answered all of my questions. Oddly enough, the hardest part for me was the epidural. I’m not sure what the reason for it was, but I became faint and had to ask to lay down during the middle of the procedure. I felt nauseous and anxious, I desperately wanted this just to be over with. My husband was there with me, all dressed in scrubs. After the epidural was in place and started taking effect we were wheeled into the operating room.
The atmosphere in the waiting room was very happy-go-lucky. The lights were very bright and the nurses were making jokes and teasing one another. We were asked for permission to allow students to watch the birth of our baby girl. Since she had severe hydrocephalus it was something that drew a crowd. We gave permission, and as a result, we had over a dozen people watching the birth.
As the operation started the anesthesiologist stayed right close my head and whispered to me at different points during the surgery to let me know what was going on. My hands were shaking terribly and I could only get the shaking under control for brief moments, it was a very odd feeling. My arms were pulled out to my sides and strapped down, my husband was to my right sitting on a stool holding my hand. As the Cesarean started my husband peeked up over the large blue drape they had in front of me, he would tell me what he could see. I felt nothing as they sliced open my abdomen and uterus. It was quite hard to believe it when in a few short minutes my husband told me I was cut open and they were getting ready to pull our baby girl out. It went by so quickly, I heard a weak, faint cry as they peaked my daughters head over the drape for me to see her. I was thrilled to see her small little face. I was also thrilled that I heard her cry even though it was small and faint.
At that point I was asking my husband about the condition of our daughter, I wanted whatever information I could get. A slew of nurses and doctors from Children’s Hospital were now in control of her care. She was put on a ventilator because her head was so large that it closed her breathing passages when she was laid down.
I was sewed up in a few quick minutes then wheeled back to the room to wait. Later they brought our newborn daughter in for a few quick minutes in an incubator. Her big sister got to take her first peek and say a quick hello.She was then whisked away to Children’s Hospital where she would begin her long journey in the NICU. I honestly don’t remember too much after that.
Later that evening I was taken to a different room for recovery. I remember this point, I was extremely nauseous and continued to vomit for the next several hours. I was completely miserable. I was given anti-nausea medication, but I wasn’t able to keep it down. Later I had a shot that helped. It was so painful to be wretching and vomiting when you just had your stomach muscles and uterus cut open. My husband went to check on our baby girl at Children’s Hospital. I had a close friend there with me to give me a cool washcloth on my forehead and to set with me. I was glad for the day to be over, I wanted to rest. I felt I couldn’t even keep my thoughts straight. After many long and worrisome months, our baby girl was finally here!