Day 6 of November-Dec Vacation

The Little Explorer on a bank at Tomoka State Park


Statue of Tomokie the Timucuan Indian Chief of the village of Nocoroco. Some say he is just a legend even though the village did stand at this spot. Here is the legend….

The Timucua Indians regarded a certain spring as mystical. They believed that a messenger from the Great Spirit was sent every evening at dusk to drink of this Water of Life, and that dew, falling off this magnificent creature’s wings down into the spring, gave the waters their curative and restorative qualities.

Tomokie, giant chief of his warriors, did not share in this belief. One hot summer day, he seized the curiously wrought sacred cup (never before touched by human hands) and drank from the spring, defiling it. The other Indians were greatly offended – this act brought war!

Tomokie led his warriors into battle. Every arrow of the combined enemy tribes seemed to be aimed at him, yet the mighty chief remained unharmed.

Suddenly, Oleeta, a beautiful enemy maiden, sprang forward. She faced the great Tomokie and drew back her bow. The discharged arrow pierced his heart.

Oleeta rushed forward, snatched the cup from the dead Tomokie’s hand, only to be struck by another warrior’s poisoned arrow. She fell dead, still clasping the sacred relic.

This terribly enraged her tribe who did not rest until every member of Tomokie’s band was dead.

Oleeta’s body was buried with stately ceremony near the spring. The sacred cup is said to be in possession of Florida Indians at the present time.

The Very Curious Armadillo…