Eco-sheepskin for Baby

Our #1 top seller for the year 2009 was our Eco-lambskin for baby. It is such a wonderful product. I have used the same lambskin for my last two babies. It is in beautiful condition, and it’s still so soft! The Eco-lambskin is processed without the use of chemicals. Instead of harmful chemicals, extract from the Mimosa tree is used to process the skin. Though it takes longer, the end result is well worth it. It is very simple to spot clean with a little soap and water, it is not machine washable. This is an excellent choice for parents wanting a completely chemical free sheepskin for their baby.
Kaiser of Germany is a small, environmentally conscious business that has been in business for over 30 years. If you are looking for a machine washable option, the Kaiser safely tanned lambskin for baby may be for you. It is fantastic for parents wanting to take advantage of the many benefits of wool for their infants and like the option of throwing it in the washing machine for a quick and easy cleaned lambskin. This lambskin is rich in lanolin and medically sanitized, which allows it to be machine washed. This lambskin is easy to spot clean and keep fresh, however, if you are worried about large baby messes and spills this might be a better choice for you. Kaiser follows the strictest environmental standards and keeps the use of harmful chemicals to a minimum.
There are many benefits to using a sheepskin with your baby. My little guy is very hot natured and tends to sweat a lot! One reason I love our Eco-sheepskin is because it absorbs sweat immediately and submits it seven times faster into the air then synthetic, and keeps the baby at a healthy, steady temperature. Here are a few other benefits of using an environmentally friendly lambskin with your baby:
-Sheepskin is gentle on your babies’ skin and can help heal sensitive or inflamed skin or rashes
-Sheepskins are always dirt and bacteria resistant. A natural sheepskin that is still rich in lanolin can easily be hung in the fresh air for self-cleaning.
-Sheepskin in its natural state is best cleaned with a wash extract with lanolin. This way the wool stays biologically active. Be sure water temperature never exceeds 85 F ( 30C).