Going Microwaveless

All of us have our own pathway to walk when it comes to living a whole, organic life. We all set different goals for ourselves and made the best decisions we can for our family along the way. One goal I set awhile back was to get rid of our microwave, however, we kept using it here and there, now and then. I’m happy to say that now we did it, we got rid of our microwave for good! While this was a goal of mine for awhile, my husband was hesitant about giving it up. He liked his microwave popcorn and the convenience of heating up our leftovers quickly. I had mentioned to my husband that when this microwave stopped working, it would be a perfect opportunity to try life without the handy dandy microwave. Well, it finally happened, the microwave went kaput! It has been a lot easier than any of us expected. We can live without microwave popcorn by making real popcorn on the stove with nutritional yeast and coconut oil. It’s delicious! We bought a bamboo steamer to heat our leftovers. We just place a little water to boil and place our leftovers in the steamer. Lastly, we used our microwave to thaw frozen foods. Since we don’t eat meat, we really don’t thaw a lot of frozen foods. So if we do need to thaw something, we just run it under cold running water in the sink.
Why did I want to get rid of our microwave? I’ve read about the risks of a microwave for awhile, but nothing struck me into action until I was reading about our foods being irradiated without our knowing about it. It really made me upset, but then I thought about the microwave and how most people use it every day to cook their food, and it’s doing the same thing. One of my main reasons for stopping using the microwave was I knew that the microwave changed the amount of nutrition in the food you eat. So precious vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we are trying to get our children to eat, are literally being zapped away by the microwave. So the few seconds extra it takes me to steam my veggies, is well worth it in nutritive benefits.It is especially concerning when we are spending extra on organic produce, why let all of that goodness be minimalized by the microwave?! There are a lot of reasons not to use a microwave, my reasons are very simple. It requires minimal effort to make the small changes necessary to make the switch and the benefits are many.
If you are interested in learning more about the dangers of the microwave for your family, visit these articles: 29 Reasons to get rid of your microwave or 10 Reasons to get rid of your Microwave

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  1. I just read those two links on microwaves, and found them to be full of claims, but with little to back them up! So I did some checking, and (for example) found many of these statements to be false. This link is a particularly interesting one which debunks some of the claims:http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4080


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