Another Reason I love not having a Microwave

I wrote last week about our decision to ditch our microwave. I quoted some articles full of some reasons why some people have decided to live without a microwave. My reasons were pretty simple, I wanted more nourishing foods for our family, and I feel the microwave does diminish the nutritious value of your foods.
A reader commented on that article and shared some additional links on the issue of using a microwave. Health benefits aside, it got me to thinking about another benefit to a microwaveless life.
An unexpected reason that I’m enjoying life without the microwave is because it really does make you take more care when preparing your food. I love the slow food revolution going on, and I think not having a microwave really forces you to think ahead and prepare your food with a bit more love. You are definitely living more consciously when you are chopping, cutting, slicing and dicing in comparison to reheating in the microwave.
I do feel that I have more of a connect with my food when I’m taking the time to prepare it and think about it ahead of time. Our everyday lives are so full of hustle and bustle. Taking the time to slow down and prepare your family a nutritious slow cooked meal is nourishing to you body and soul. I have a real passion for food. I love eating and enjoying healthy, delicious meals, at home and at restaurants. Recently I have spent some of my time reading about and watching some documentaries about our food. It’s been so enlightening. I hope to share some of these favorites with you soon.
I am excited to be blogging on a regular basis, I hope more of you will comment and I wanted to thank Steve for his comments last week!
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One thought on “Another Reason I love not having a Microwave”

  1. I do have a microwave but almost never use it (only for occaisional reheating). I even keep it down in the cellar so to go down and use it is a hassle. I think that it is better to cook fresh food and when I first moved in with my now hubby he was shocked at how little I use a microwave! haha My mum is the same, “proper healthy food is better”!


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