I was CHOPPED..an Eating From the Pantry Challenge Update!

We are more than halfway through the Eat from the Pantry Challenge. I must say it’s going really well. I had a lot more food in my pantry and freezer than I originally thought. It’s been great to see this food used up. I went to the grocery store twice this month to stock up on milk, eggs and fresh veggies. I’ve spent the remainder from my Earthfare gift cards, which totaled to be around $25 and then I had an additional $7. out of pocket that I spent. I think our $100 budget for the month shouldn’t be a problem.
Last week we did something creative and fun for our Pantry Challenge. I”m a foodie, and love to watch the Food Network. One of our favorite shows is called Chopped. The show starts with 4 chefs that are given a basket of mystery ingredients, then they have 30 minutes to prepare their meal from the basket and present it to the judges. After each course, someone is Chopped until there is a Chopped Champion in the end. We took that concept and tried it at home. I picked 4 ingredients for my husband and my daughter and husband worked together to pick my secret ingredients. We didn’t do three rounds like on the show but just had to come up with an entree in 30 minutes.
My basket included cumin, potatoes, wheatbix, and a can of diced tomatoes. Yikes! I was quite worried about the Wheatabix. My husband’s ingredients included peanut butter, fried tofu, cauliflower and teriyaki sauce. Our 30 minutes were up, and we came up with some pretty delicious food. My potatoes weren’t cooked in the allotted time, so my food had to go back in the oven to cook some more. Ooops! My husband’s dish was so delicious, I hope he’ll make it again! It had a satay and curry kind of taste to the sauce, delicious! Big Sister acted as timekeeper and judge. It was a great way to get dinner cooked in a jiffy. It was a fun and creative way to use up some ingredients in the Pantry Challenge and have the family involved at the same time.

Needless to say, my husband was the Chopped Champion!!