What We’re Reading

Here’s what we are reading this month:
I am loving the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families. I chose this book because Simple Mom is doing a book club. Come join us! Thursdays are book club day. I’m a little behind, but still enjoying it! One project that I”m loving from the book is writing a family mission statement. Last night I sat down with my family and we all started to brainstorm of some qualities we’d love to represent our family. It made for a great discussion that we’re going to continue next week, as we continue to work on our mission statement. My daughter came up with some great thoughts about our family that really touched our heart.

We are finishing up The Wind in the Willows. This is part of our literature reading for the Ambleside curriculum, Year 2. We have really enjoyed this book. Big Sister always enjoys stories about animals. These little creatures in this book have a lot of great adventures and have a wonderful vocabulary! This is a fun story and a classic piece of literature, a great family read aloud!

Our nighttime read lately has been The Saturdays. Many of today’s books have characters that are disrespectful, disobedient and many of their adventures center around fooling their parents or other adults. For that reason,  I think it can be really hard to find good stories for childen. This is another recommendation from Ambleside’s free reading list. There are wholesome characters, fun adventures to keep your child’s interest and it doesn’t use a dumbed-down vocubulary.

Organic Baby & Toddler cookbook, easy recipes for natural food  is a book I checked out from the library. I’m always looking for some great new food ideas. I like how the book is divided into age categories, with simple recipes to pick from. It’s informative and I really enjoy the generous use of pictures. It also discusses the importanice of organic, fair trade ingredients when cooking for little ones.

Simple Prosperity-Finding Real Wealthy In A Sustainable Lifestyle. Doesn’t this sound like an interesting read? I must admit I just started reading it and haven’t gotten into it too far. So far I’m intrigued and I really like the idea of being content and avoiding overconsumption. This book came to me highly recommended, so I”m excited to dive into it a little more.