Doing the Summer Wind Down

I can’t believe summer is coming to an end. Perhaps the one-hundred-degree weather is trying to convince me otherwise. I’ve been neglecting my computer duties and spending more time outside soaking up some Vitamin D.
I realized I completely missed posting about World Breastfeeding Week! I didn’t hear of anything local happening in my community to celebrate, how disappointing.  Shari Criso is offering her online breastfeeding class for free. I think it’s only until the end of the month, so you should check it out! This is an excellent link to share with new and expectant moms. What a wonderful resource, thanks Shari!
It’s that time of year to get reorganized and ready for school. We homeschool and we don’t really stop for the summer, but we definitely slow down. I’m trying to get myself motivated for a new year. My biggest struggle at this point is trying to homeschool with a toddler. My oldest isn’t exactly an independent worker, so it can make things difficult. I’m also trying to come to peace with the idea that I can’t do everything. Something is going to suffer, more often than not it seems to be the housework. Right now the house is looking good, though, my husband has been a big motivator behind that. We’ve been spending the past few weekends decluttering and getting the school area organized. Are you ready for a new school year?
On one last summer note, my garden is doing amazingly well. I struggled in the beginning of spring with having any success. My broccoli bolted and my cauliflower didn’t do anything. I planted some melons and cucumbers in their place and they are doing much better. The vines are traveling over into my yard and we’re excited to see some melons on the vines. My tomato plants have real tomatoes on them now. They just must be late bloomers. I’m still nowhere near where I’d like to be in my gardening abilities, but I, at least, have hope! How’s your garden doing?
On one final note, we’re now on Twitter. I’m a twitter newbie so be patient. Who do you follow? I’d love to hear from you.
Photo credit: Lida Rose