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This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have shared how their children learn at home as a natural part of their day. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.

Would you like to know how my Wednesday last week started? My youngest, Little Z, escaped from his diaper change and was running around the house naked. Sometimes I let him run around naked, but the morning is not a good time to do this. He routinely has a morning poop, so I was trying to track him down to make sure we got his hiney in a diaper before that happened. I turned the corner to find him squatting in front of DH’s desk. Yup, there he was pooping on the Persian rug. I didn’t want to scare him while he was pooping, but I also didn’t want him pooping on my rug! I did end up leaving out a squeal, which startled the little guy so then he ran and he wasn’t finished pooping, so there was poop now several places across the floor.So I  spent the next half an hour on poop patrol, diapered the baby and then moved us out to breakfast.  So we sat down and began to eat our oatmeal. Oatmeal down the pants! Well, the morning didn’t get further along and we found pee on the couch, poo on the floor, oatmeal down the pants and there was snot bubbling out the nose. Ugh! I was “pooped” before the day began. 😉 Sounds like a perfect time to start school. Say what!?!
Have you had days like that? Clearly some days are easier to deal with than others. If you have children at home I’m sure you have a similar experience you could share. So how do we get our learning done on days when we’re  feeling finished before we’ve even started?
Family circumstances can make it easy to start a day with a bad attitude. I have quickly learned that my attitude can influence my children’s attitude.  Duh, right? It shouldn’t be a surprise, but this is something I’ve come to see a lot more clearly in the past few weeks. I’ve recently noticed Big Z sighing, huffing, and even saying certain phrases..oh wait! That’s something I say, yikes! I think she just taught me something, again! I’m always telling her to have a happy heart, but it really starts with me, mom! What a difference it can make.
It’s not the easiest thing to do, but I certainly shouldn’t expect it from my kids if I can’t do it myself.
So, how do you get a happy heart? Deep breathing and lots of praying, that’s a good place to start. I’ve also found that taking a morning break and getting outside in some fresh air and sunshine does so much for everyone’s mental attitude.  Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in all of the things you need to accomplish in a day or start feeling self-pity and lose the joy in the day. I’m working so hard on trying to give myself a good dose of “perspective” ( to be said in the voice of the food critic from Ratatouille). Once I can take a step back and get some perspective it seems to give me some renewed energy and I can move on to a better place. So looking at my morning of pee on the couch, poop on the floor and oatmeal down the pants, I looked back and laughed, it was quite funny. It helped, we got outside and were able to turn our attitudes around and have happy hearts and be successful at getting our focus on our learning for the day.
So here we are starting a new year of homeschooling. Take a  deep breath, say your prayers, get a new perspective and have a happy heart. These are my goals for the new year. How about you?


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  1. You’re spot on that it’s not just academic lessons we teach our children but how to handle emotions and frustrations as well. This has really made me think about what I model to my son about dealing with my own emotions and pursuing a happy heart. Thank you!


  2. You are so right – my attitude/mood completely colors my child’s day; in fact, we all kind of feed off each other in that respect. Your post has actually inspired me to start something in my own family – I’d love to start the day of doing yoga or some other type of activity together. We keep talking about it, but the evenings always seem too frantic. So I will be discussing it with my husband today – thanks for the motivation 🙂


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