Sunday Surf

This is my first time participating in the Sunday Surf, the goal of the surf is to share with you links I’ve enjoyed reading through the week. Enjoy!
Homeschool :
With my little guy recently turning two, I was on the look-out for some activities to keep him occupied while I’m working with Big Z on her school work. The Natural Parents Network had a great post to lead me on some awesome fun and simple projects  I found some great ideas at My Delicious Ambiguity  for toddler bags. I found the ideas inspiring enough to create some of my own. Also, Counting Coconuts had some fantastic ideas for toddlers and preschoolers.
We use Ambleside online, a free Charlotte Mason curriculum, for homeschooling. I am often inspired by the Fisher Academy blog. She has lots of great information for composer studies (it’s Vivaldi right now) artist studies ( currently Caravaggio) and nature journaling. Right now you can find information about the Charlotte Mason blog carnival and win prizes too.
Gardening & Chickens
It’s starting to warm up here in East TN. I’m having delusions of grandeur when it comes to planning my garden this year. I have my seeds and I’m getting ready to start them indoors. I usually kill most of my plants when moving them from indoors to outdoors, I found a great article at Chiot’s Run on hardening off your plants and seed starting 101. I really hope to avoid that pitfall this year and be successful starting my garden from seed.
My chickens have really been slacking when it comes to laying eggs this winter. I realized I needed to extend their daylight hours by using a timer in the barn, this would help them to lay better through the colder months. I found a great blog run by a 14-year-old boy, who is quite passionate about his chickens and bees. I’ve learned a lot from him. If you have chickens of your own or are thinking of starting a backyard brood, you may want to check out Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs.
I’ve been following a bit of the mess from the Dervaes family. I always admired their homesteading ways, until now. Living the Frugal Life had a nice commentary on the issues involved.

This month I am participating in the Eat From Your Pantry Challenge hosted by Gabe at Couponing in Critical Times. So far it’s been great. We can see the bottom of our freezer and it’s been an exercise in meal creativity.  We only have a week more to go!
Also Simple Marriage is hosting several giveaways this week. Lots of great giveaways and a lot of great information.(Ok, I see the giveaways ended today, but it’s still a great site)
Kitchen Stewardship is giving away a free “get cultured” e-course and a Nutrimill grain mill, woot!
For my wedding anniversary this year my DH bought me a Nook Color, and I LOVE it. Here is a free e-book from the Weston Price Foundation.
Organic Sister is also offering a free ebook download from her website. She is a great inspiration for unschooling and getting the most out of life.
Most importantly this week was the deadline for entries for the Neuro Film festival. It’s a great way for families to share how they have been affected by neurological issues. My husband put together a small video sharing our life with our sweet Bella. Though he’s not a video technician by any means, I thought the video was beautiful. It’s an awesome way to raise funding and awareness for brain research.
What have you enjoyed reading this week?