Project Simplify- The Refrigerator and Pantry, week 4

I decided to tackle the refrigerator the day before grocery shopping. It seemed an ideal time because it was mostly cleared out. This made it easier to wipe down the shelves. It easy for me to neglect little spills and bits of stickiness left behind by jars. So it was nice to wipe everything and see it all nice and neat.

Last month we did the Eat From the Pantry Challenge. So we really worked on dwindling down our supplies in our food pantry. I’ve been slowly building them back up this month. So for the most part, the pantry was organized, except for the spices. That shelf needed a lot of help. We found lots of spices that were well past their prime. It looks much better now.


Thanks again to Simple Mom for hosting Project Simplify. I’m really enjoying the challenges each week. We’re more than half way through. One more week to go, are you on board?


2 thoughts on “Project Simplify- The Refrigerator and Pantry, week 4”

  1. I really wanted to do the eat from the pantry challenge but it was while I was sick, so I’ll probably do it on my own in the fall. Glad to see it worked! Moving helped me go through things like spices too. Anyway, I’m SUPER excited to now know about your blog–and thank you for your comment.


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