Rice Wrapper Veggie Rolls

1 package of Rice Paper
Organic baby Spinach
Organic carrots
Sushi Ginger
Organic cheddar cheese
Organic apples
Sweet Chili Sauce

Start by dipping one piece of your rice paper into warm water. This will make the stiff rice paper sheet become soft and flexible. Place the rice paper on your work space, stack your fillings. I used baby Spinach, carrots, and ginger as one combination. Go light on the ginger, a little bit goes a long way. For the other wraps, I chose apples, cheddar cheese, and spinach. Roll in the sides of the rice paper, then continue rolling for a complete wrap. Serve with Sweet Chili Sauce (find one without artificial colors) and Enjoy!

I found my organic spinach and carrots on markdown at the grocery store. Most stores carry organic versions of these products. This makes for a healthy and low-cost snack. I recommend choosing organic for your dairy too.

The rice paper wrappers were purchased at an Asian market. They were pretty cheap and store for a very long time.
Both the kids gobbled them up and asked for more.
I’m sharing this recipe as part of a challenge of inventing an organic snack from Easy Organic Living on Baby Center. I”m also sharing it as part of Meatless Monday and Simple Lives Thursday.