The Benefits of Bounce

Tigger had it right from the beginning. A bounce is a wonderful thing. Large buildings filled with inflatables are sprouting up left and right, do you have one near you? We gathered up the family and had a great time bouncing and laughing together.  It may seem like simple fun, but there is much more to it.
Bouncing is beneficial to the immune system. Did you know that? I didn’t, until recently.  According to Dr. Morton Walker from Jumping For Health, jumping increases circulation, improves red blood cells, brings more oxygen to your tissues and can help relieve headaches, neck and back pain. These are benefits that any adult or child could appreciate.
The benefits don’t stop there. Bouncing is great for children because it helps them improve their balance, coordination and timing. They can get more comfortable in their own skin, so to speak. Bouncing  can help your child to be more confident and gain more control of his body. Bouncing not only helps the body physically but it’s great emotionally. It’s hard not to bounce and be smiling and giggling at the same time. Whether you are using a small rebounding trampoline, a large trampoline or going for the large inflatable bounce houses, get your bounce on, your body will thank you!
We are still enjoying theHands On Play Challenge this month hosted by Hands On As We Grow and The Imagination Tree.   We hope you are playing along.


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