10 Days of Real Food Challenge

I love Michael Pollan’s books and documentaries such as Food, Inc and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead were right up my alley. I don’t think that it should be so difficult to eat real food. It is a priority in our life to find the best food for our family including local milk, cheeses, and veggies. It makes me especially sad to see children bombarded with artificial colors, flavors, and truckloads of sugar. This standard American diet (SAD) is wreaking havoc on the health of our families.
Recently I was introduced to a website called 100 Days of Real Food. The website originally chronicled Lisa Leake and her family’s adventures of eating 100 Days of Real Food. She was a mom that didn’t read food labels, never bought organic and used processed food on a daily basis. After getting a wake-up call, she changed their diet and now helps families everywhere to make these positive changes for their family. I just learned that she grew up here in the Knoxville area and she is very excited to have us take part in her 10-day challenge.
I personally love challenging myself on the road to self-improvement. I read about the 10 Day Challenge on Lisa’s website and thought my family can do that. I feel we basically eat a healthy diet,  probably about 80 percent of the time. We eat whole grains, get our milk locally, support our farmers markets, eat lots of fruits and veggies. However, I know there is room for improvement in our diet.
I personally don’t feel that sugar is evil in moderation. I do feel eliminating sugar from our diet will be the hardest part of the challenge. I do bake often with maple syrup and honey, but I do have a habit of having a piece of dark chocolate every day. While I don’t necessarily think that is bad, I do think I need to cut down on my family’s sugar intake.  I think my children will be the ones that will benefit the most from the challenge. It’s amazing that no matter where we go people are offering artificially colored lollipops to my children.
So would you like to join us on our 10 Days of Real Food Challenge? The Rules are pretty simple. You eat whole foods, whole grains, whole milk, nothing skim or low fat. So you load up on your fruits, veggies and enjoy your local meats and seafood in moderation. I think the hardest aspect is no refined sugar, only maple syrup, and honey as natural sweeteners. Some packaged food is allowed if it doesn’t have more than 5 ingredients and they follow all the whole food rules.  Please visit here to see all the rules in  more detail and to have any questions answered.
I really think my area, Knoxville, has some great local food resources. I’ve already discovered a great bakery that grinds their own grains and has a fantastic whole grain bread with under 5 ingredients. I will be exploring all that Knoxville has to offer for real food resources including farms, grocery stores and restaurants. I”m looking forward to finding more in my community. Many other bloggers will be joining me, I’ll be linking up with them throughout the 10 days.
I have created a board on Pinterest with some delicious food ideas to use on this 10 Day challenge. I’ll be posting daily our food choices successes and struggles on Facebook. I hope you’ll join us one way or another. Please share your favorite real food resources, recipes and ideas.

This post is part of Simple Lives Thursday and Real FoodWednesday. These are fantastic sources for Real Food inspiration!