Starting the Real Food Challenge & a Real Food Sunday Surf

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It takes some work to make changes in your lifestyle. While I don’t think these changes will be huge I had some cookies I had to hide before starting the 10 day Real Food Challenge. I have been watching labels and learning a lot about foods I regularly purchase. Mostly I’m surprised how sugar is sneaking itself into everything  from my beets to my tomato sauce. I’m looking forward to making changes in our diet and kicking that sugar out the door.
I’ve been working on a grocery list of items to have on hand during the challenge. I don’t want anyone to go hungry or to complain about the lack of snacks, etc. I’m hoping to make the switch with my family without much fuss. Today was our first day and we started with a delicious breakfast of Creamed Kale and Eggs  (you can find this and other recipes on my Pinterest Real Food Challenge board). We’ve stocked up on some Lara bars and Funky Monkey fruit snacks when we need snacks on the run.
I’ve also gone through my cookbooks and  I think The Art of Simple Food as well as the Nourishing Traditions cookbooks will be a great inspiration this week. I picked up my holds from the library. I’m excited to browse through them and find some new recipes to make. I picked up Deliciously Organic, Almost Meatless and Super Natural Every Day.
Talking with the kids is an important step in making this challenge be a success. My three-year-old understands terms like ‘this is yucky’ and  ‘it has bad stuff in it’. However, my soon to be 10-year-old can understand the importance of real food on a different level. She raises her own chickens and she has helped me make our own cheese, yogurt and bread. Of course, she’ll still gobble down a bright red lollipop with no hesitation. It takes baby steps I guess. Here is an excellent article about the main reason kids eat processed food is because parents give it to them. That makes sense, doesn’t it?
I’m excited to see my friends and family talking about real food. We’re sharing ideas and brainstorming where we could catch a healthy meal about town. I hope you’ll help spread the word. I’ll be posting all of the bloggers that are participating. You can follow me on Facebook for more daily updates including what we’re eating on a daily basis.

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If you have a recipe, website or cookbook that you would like to share, please let me know in the comments.