What are we eating? Days 1-3

Our Dinner Last Night

Here we are already finished with the third day of our ten-day real food challenge. I must say I’m feeling very motivated with all of the positive feedback I’m receiving from everyone. So far the challenge is really helping me realize that our family was too dependent on organic junk food for snacks. Yes, those little packets of gummy fruits and fun shaped crackers were convenient, but at what cost? This challenge has really opened my eyes to the amounts of sugar my children were eating.
I went to my local food co-op Three Rivers Market to start my grocery shopping for the week. I picked up lots of bulk nuts and other goodies. Early Sunday we headed to Kroger to do the remainder of our grocery shopping. We have a new-ish Kroger on Broadway here in Knoxville that has a fantastic organic produce department. We spent about $100 at the co-op and about $120 for food at Kroger. I’m curious how this challenge will influence my budget this month. I’ll keep you updated.
Day 1
Breakfast- Creamed Kale and Eggs*. I loved it, my husband ate it but he is not crazy about greens, the kids ate it but didn’t clean their plates. I did overcook the eggs, so the yolk was not as runny like it should have been. I think I”ll try it again and try to cook it properly this time.
Lunch- Creamed Vegetable Soup* with Wasa crackers. Everyone LOVED this. I made an extra large batch of soup hoping we could have some for leftovers or lunch the next day. I’m happy to report that by the end of the night the entire pot of soup was gone.
Dinner- We made crab legs with butter for the kids. This was their treat from the grocery store trip today. A much better choice than the ‘free’ cookie the bakery offers though it was a little harder on the wallet. My husband and I ate more soup and my husband made me a grilled cheese on Honey Whole Wheat bread from the Old mill with Sauerkraut, cheddar cheese and apples. It was so delicious!
Snacks- The kids ate tons of watermelon (another grocery store treat, apple slices, baby tomatoes and carrot sticks with Ranch-style dip*. I also made dark chocolate whole wheat brownies* that evening. The kids each tried one and had a cup of tea before bed.
Day 2
Breakfast- I am still feeling highly motivated and inspired so I made my own version of Breakfast Casserole Bites. Some with grass fed hamburger and blue cheese for the meat eaters. For the vegetarians in the house, I made cheddar cheese, pepper, onion, and spinach casserole bites. Everyone loved it, kids gobbled it up. I used our own eggs and the Old Mill bakery Honey Whole Wheat ends to use in the bites. We had a few left over, that will come in handy for snacks or a breakfast on the run.
Lunch- I was running errands after breakfast and we were getting hungry. Fortunately, I packed some dehydrated fruit and Lara bars for the kids until we got back to make lunch. We went to my parents house to spend the afternoon. Mom and Dad are doing the challenge too so that made lunch easier. We made Caprese grilled cheese sandwiches* with ‘french fries’. For my husband’s lunch, he took a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We were able to find a nice strawberry jelly with no sugar. He had a lunch meeting with the Vice President of the company. It made for interesting conversation as to the reason why he wasn’t eating the catered lunch they brought in. He said, at least he made an impression. 😉
Dinner- I had soaked some kidney beans the night before. So I was able to come home and make some brown rice and beans for dinner. We ate it with sprouted corn tortillas. The kids loved this meal. My 3-year-old gobbled his down, it shocked me how much he ate. This is a staple meal around here, so I already knew everyone would enjoy it. I made a large batch of beans so I can use them later in the week for another meal.
Snacks- My mom made power balls* that the everyone loved. They helped me out with my chocolate cravings too. We finished the evening with a whole wheat brownie and a cup of tea.
Day 3
Breakfast- I soaked steel cut oats. I’m embarrassed to say I was multi-tasking and left the kitchen and my oats burned. I was still able to salvage enough for breakfast, phew! I topped the oats with maple syrup, cinnamon, whole yogurt and apples.
Lunch- My favorite lunch so far, it was so fantastic!I found it in the Super Natural Every Day cookbook. Broccoli Gribiche is a fantastic dish made of roasted potatoes and broccoli. You made a dressing over it made of olive oil, red wine vinegar, capers, mustard, and herbs. Then you dice a few hard boiled eggs and mix it all together. YUM! I think this is a dish that would be great to take on the run or to pack in a lunch. I served it with polenta ‘fries’ and red sauce. The kids also had the last piece of their crab legs and butter. I have lots of leftovers from this meal, we’ll see what is left at the end of the day. My husband took leftover rice and beans for his lunch today.
Dinner- It was just me and the kids for dinner so I went very simple. I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare dinner either, but it still turned out fantastic. I made tomato and caper salad with roasted chickpeas and leftover Broccoli Gribiche.
Snacks- Mozzarella string cheese snacks and smoothies. The leftovers from the banana, berry and milk smoothies were put into popsicle holders to be snacks for later. I made lemon ice cream with sour cream, yogurt, milk, lemon juice and honey. That was our special treat for our long day.
I am very thrilled with the response from the community on taking on the Real Food Challenge. If you follow me on facebook you’ll be able to see all of the posts from local bloggers and those participating in the challenge.They are sharing some of their struggles, menus and what they are learning through the process. One of our local Farmer’s Markets is opening next week. That will be just the push I’ll need to keep going down this real foods path.
All recipes marked with an * can be found on my Pinterest board set up for the 10-day challenge.
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