Mamatography 2014- Week 1: Cookies

A dear friend of mine invited us over to make cookies with a few other kids. Little did I know it was a cookie extravaganza!  The cookie dough was made ahead of time, then we just had to roll out the dough, place the cookie cutters and bake. The kids had a blast decorating farm animals, dinosaurs, cowboy boots and random shapes. It was great for the moms to get together to chat while the kids had a blast running and laughing together.
Instead of focusing on the artificial food coloring I tried to focus on the fun (while encouraging the nibbling of carrots).  How do you deal with parties and times with friend and family that includes food that you’d prefer to avoid?


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2 thoughts on “Mamatography 2014- Week 1: Cookies”

  1. That is a tough one! I think I’ve mostly just been very lax, but… now Spencer has been diagnosed Celiac, so that could pose a much larger problem. I don’t think he could have attended an event like this at all!


  2. Aw! Love the photos! As to your question, we follow an 80/20 rule. If we eat ‘well’ 80% of the time, I don’t fuss so much about the 20%. That encourages me to make sure that the children eat healthy and well at home and when I am ‘in charge’ of their diets, so they can have fun and not worry at parties and play dates. Also, most of my friends now have similar food awareness, so our parties etc now have a lot less sugar, and that’s been great!


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