Mamatography- Week 4 : Snowed In

  We met the most darling pig while we were downtown early this week. I have a special place in my heart for pot-bellied pigs. I’ve had two so far for pets, and they are just amazing. So gentle and lovable. This little gals’ name was Spoon, isn’t she adorable?

We had an unexpected snow storm arrive late Tuesday morning. So we spent the rest of the week bundled in close to one another. Our heater was broken and only working at half speed, so we were quite chilly. We used a space heater to warm up the bedroom.

We did cello lessons via Skype this week. I really enjoy the two of them working together on their cello. BigZ is really quite a patient teacher..most of the time.

Even the cats have been chilly this week. They’ve happily snuggled with us under the blankets. They are like furry little hot water bottles. I’m thrilled to say our heater was fixed today, but hopefully, the cats will still want to snuggle.


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