Road Trip to Niagara Falls

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I’ve made several goals for myself since losing my husband. I wanted to push the envelope so to speak, get out of my comfort zone. Some of my goals were small, such as to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Others were harder, I wanted to take the kids out of the country by myself. My husband was always a big traveler. He had spent most of his child hood in other countries. He lived in places like England, New Zealand, France, and Thailand, just to name a few. I loved hearing his stories and knowing how those experiences shaped his view of the world. On the other hand, I had never been on an airplane until I was dating him, let alone be out of the country. During our married life together we had many opportunities to travel out of the country and I cherish all of those memories. This was something I wanted my children to experience.

A glimpse of Kalahari Resort

We started our journey at the end of May by attending the Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering (UWG) in Sandusky, Ohio at the Kalahari Resorts. This was our second year attending. It’s really a lot of fun for parents and kids. My cousin flew in from Vermont to meet up with us for the week. She was a huge help and she’s a ton of fun. There were some great speakers like Cindy Gaddis ( I LOVE her book about Right Brain, Left Brain learners called The Right Side of Normal)and Laura Flynn Endres. It was inspiring for the parents to hear from unschooling veterans. It’s refreshing to be around a group of non-judgmental people that share a lot of the same ideas in regards to raising children.

Besides having the largest indoor waterpark to keep the kids busy there were also plenty of other activities such as a nerf war, kids marketplace, and dozens of fun shops to choose from. I was particularly proud of my daughter for organizing a Littlest Pet Shoppe fun shop. She was quite pleased that so many other kids showed up and shared a similar interest. They had fun making clothing for their pets out of balloons and learning how to decorate their pets and create props for them. You can see my daughter’s Youtube videos of her Littlest Pet Shoppes HERE.

In the evenings, there were fun family activities such as a dance night, a family carnival and on the last night a talent show. It’s quite an eventful week. It’s quite exhausting, but very inspiring at the same time. I’ve been really impressed with the children and young adults I’ve met at UWG. As a whole, they are very creative and joyful people. I always leave UWG feeling good about unschooling and trusting my children’s ability to learn. They have their dates set for May of next year, it’s a great deal at a great place. After 5 days in Ohio, we headed up to Canada. It was about a 6-hour drive to our hotel in Ontario. We were going to be in Canada for about 5 days and I was looking forward to a bit of a slower paced day. We had said goodbye to my cousin, and we were back to just the three of us. Our trip over the border to Canada was rather uneventful. I did find it rather interesting that our Cell phone immediately knew when we were out of the country, and informed me of the change in charges. That prompted me to turn off my cell phone for our entire stay in Canada. We had a lovely slow paced stay. I had scheduled some time to just find things along the way that interested us. We stayed in Brampton, Ontario. We had a lovely hotel that a twirly slide and big pool, just in case the kids didn’t have enough time in the water at Kalahari. In Brampton, we found some fabulous places to eat. Our very favorite was called That Italian Place. Their menu was new every day. They made their pasta and sauces fresh and we had a vegetarian sandwich there that I still dream about. Did I mention they also have homemade cannoli!! Yum!! I wish I could eat there every day, my son said he wanted to live there. One other unexpected highlight of Brampton was Chinguacousy Park. We spent an entire day there walking around seeing the beautiful ponds, wildlife, petting zoo and botanical gardens. Oh, how I wish I had a park that near me on a daily basis! We were about an hour away from Niagara Falls. We made sure we visited the IMAX theater to see and hear the stories of those adventurous souls that attempted to go over the falls. We were actually very surprised to learn how many actually survived. Did you know a man went over the falls in a kayak and lived to tell about it? Crazy! We spent the day in Niagara Falls wandering the streets, enjoying good food and marveling at the gorgeous view. We also took a ride out to the falls to see them up close and personal. It was a bit too up close for my five-year-old, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. We saw some amazing rainbows and felt the mist off the falls. Our original plan was to stay until the night time fireworks. However, we all agreed we were quite tired and ready to leave before waiting for the illumination of the falls and then the fireworks. SO we left feeling satisfied at the beauty we had seen that day.

The kids had fun learning about Canada, it’s history and culture. We met some new friends that we’ve been keeping in touch with and hope to visit again. I was really impressed with Canada’s efforts towards sustainability. They had windmills everywhere, as well as recycling bins. I was also impressed that their highways weren’t littered up with billboards every two feet. It somehow made for a more relaxing drive enjoying the scenery. So this was a baby step to what I hope will lead our family to further international adventures. I always learn so much about myself and my children when we travel together. Road trips are a fun way to see what’s out there. We finished our trip home by traveling country roads through upstate New York. We found a fun place with large metal sculptures along the way that was a lot of fun. We then traveled through Pennsylvania and stayed with family for another week before returning home. I’m already trying to plan our next road trip. Where are your favorite road trip destinations?
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  1. I’m super impressed with your goals and how quickly you’re meeting them! The unschooling conference sounds like so much fun. We’ve got to get there some year, though we just did a Midwest trip, so it might be awhile for our plans to swing that way again. We really enjoyed Ontario and Niagara when we were there as well. We’ll be going to the island of Victoria, B.C., next week—not a road trip but a boat trip! We’re planning a big Western multi-state road trip in a couple years. We’re hoping to hit a couple dino-centric sites for our little paleontologists as well as the Rockies and Grand Canyon, then make a loop over to visit family (and Disneyland) in California before heading back home. I’m excited about it already!


  2. This sounds like such a fun trip! I’m also super impressed with your SUP goal – that doesn’t sound small to me at all!


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