About us

I call us the incredible morphing family. It started with me and my first husband Ian  (How I hate calling him that), then came along our first bundle of joy, BIG Z. We created ChildOrganics as a way for me to quit my job as an educational Sign Language interpreter and stay home with my baby. I had a passion for all things natural parenting and become a Bradley childbirth instructor and La Leche League leader.
 ian and bella
A few short years later, in 2006 our world was rocked by our sweet baby, Bella. She was born with what we now know was Walker-Warburg Syndrome. It’s characterized by congenital muscular dystrophy, blindness, hydrocephalus and brain malformations. ( see I quietly put my hopes to rest) Despite these trials, we remained true to our values of living a conscious life and making healthy natural choices for our family. Sadly, Bella was only with us for a short 16 months until she died in May of 2007.  Then…Surprise! We were blessed with a spunky little boy in 2009, Lil’ Z. We had a most wonderful homebirth after Cesarean. (see Little Brother’s birth story)
My time with grief wasn’t over yet, in 2012 my dear husband Ian died suddenly. (see Without Dad–One Year Later ) Leaving me as a single mom of two children. As you can see, my life has been a roller coaster of ups and downs.
I like to think I’m on an upswing at the moment. I remarried in 2015 to a wonderful man, (who the kids have nicknamed Poos) with a similar experience in losing a beloved mate. He has two kids, who we lovingly refer to as Perry and Pee Wee. Put us all together and we have a fantastically crazy blended family. Grief is something we deal with on an almost daily basis, it’s become part of our daily lives. However, we don’t let it overtake us. We make it our goal to live a simple life, make healthy conscious choices and respect people and nature. I call it organic living.
kd family
 So not only has my family been incredible and morphing, so has my blog.. well, at least, the morphing part. While it originally started as info to support my natural parenting store and to share with other parents whose child suffered with Walker-Warburg Syndrome it has been an outlet for so much more. We hope you’ll enjoy our adventures in organic learning, organic living, and organic loving.

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