I hope to provide some answers to what our unschooling life looks like over the next month. I’ve joined the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge as an effort to get myself back on track with my blogging goals. My life has changed so much over these last few years, and unschooling has been the answer to so many of the problems that life has presented. It has truly been a blessing in my life.
So first, I’ll answer what Unschooling means, or rather, what it means to me. There is much debate in the unschooling community to the actual definition.  To me, it is about learning in a way that isn’t defined by textbooks and teachers. It’s an open way of learning from life. It’s a respectful way of parenting with mindfulness and trusting your children. I am no expert in the field, and I won’t debate the nuances of what is unschooling and what it’s not, that doesn’t interest me. My family interests me, and the well-being of my children is what makes my heart sings.
Living a life where you are directing your learning is an exciting place. You find answers all around you. Answers to questions that you ask, answers to things that peak your curiosity, answers that help you pursue your passions.So how does an unschooler find answers to questions? We are lucky to live in a time where there are answers everywhere. The local library is a valuable resource. I am able to get a teacher’s card and reserve books online this makes life so easy. We can often find library books to borrow that match the children’s current interests. The internet is also an important tool, the kids love YouTube and wikipedia. Answers are also found from family, friends,and mentors.
There are many inspiring unschooling writers out there. I’d like to share some of their sites with you so that you can have resources to help answer your questions about unschooling. Sandra Dodd is an amazing mom of three children, a former teacher, turned unschooler. She is considered a radical unschooler. Her blog is inspiring and happy to read.Another leader in the area of unschooling is John Holt, he wrote some amazing books. You can also find Pat Farenga there.  Again, he was a former educator turned unschooler,  I hope you will join me this month to answer the question as to what unschooling looks like for our family. I look forward to sharing with you.


3 thoughts on “Answers”

  1. I always thought unschooling sounded interesting. We’re currently considering other options for public school and unschooling came up. Still not sure about it for many reasons, but I like learning more about it.


  2. I am at the grandmother stage of life but I do think that traditional schooling methods are not necessarily the answer. I am sorry for the hard road you have had but you seem to be a strong woman who has determined to teach her children the best way you can. Sue @Sizzling60 from
    Sizzling Towards Sixty


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