There are so many fabulous ways to learn about events that happened in the past. Looking back on my high school experiences, History was one of my least favorite subjects. Though as an adult I love history. Historical fiction, in books and movies, is my very favorite. I also enjoy reading historical biographies and enjoy going to historical reenactments. Sad to say that is now how history was presented to me. It was given to me in large volumes of textbooks where I was forced to answer the questions at the end of the chapter in complete sentences. I had to binge on the info until I was able to purge it onto the test. I would get great scores, and I wouldn’t learn a thing, except how the system worked.

History is all around us. If I walk to the local park and read the signs along the way I learn more about the history of my neighborhood. The area where I live has a very interesting history related to the civil war. My house is old, and it has it’s own history. An professional baseball player once lived here and the town mayor when this was a busy little town. That is history that applies to me and I find fascinating. History can be brought alive in my imagination as I learn more about where I live and the people that lived here before me.
Traveling also brings many opportunities to learn history. We often go camping and stay in State Parks. There is usually some sort of historical museum or house at each of the parks we visit. Recently we went to Croft State Park,SC and learned about it’s history in relation to World War II.It was used as a prisoner of war camp. This brought up some interesting discussions for our family. Most towns have great learning opportunities. We have a fantastic history museum as well as many historical homes that offer tours. My children and I thoroughly enjoy living history events. We love getting into the feel of what it must have been like to live in the past.
Our children enjoy watching movies, the older girls are currently watching ROOTS. We also enjoyed watching the PBS series, Mercy Street, together.  I find it interested as an adult to realize that many of the “facts” I was taught in school, weren’t true by any means. It’s good to look back and learn from our past. But it’s good to have accurate information, unfortunately school text books are often filled with out of date and false information.
I’ve discussed a few ways our family enjoyed learning history. What are some of your favorite time periods to learn about? How does your family go about learning from the past? Do you have any favorite historical dramas or books you’d like to recommend?


3 thoughts on “History”

  1. I adore history, I studied Archaeology at college and it was my favourite subject 🙂 My favourite periods to study are Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Tudor and Victorian. Museums and Stately Homes that have interactive displays (such as ones that let you build) are fantastic for helping children to understand how things worked in the past. I will watch all kinds of documentaries (Lucy Worsley, Dan Snow & Tony Robinson to name a few) and TV shows (The Tudors, The White Queen etc) that are history-related… sorry I think I may be rambling now!

    @LunaNoctis from There She Goes


  2. I’ve been reading a lot of historical fiction lately. It’s not a genre that I normally would gravitated towards, but for some reason I have. I recently finished Beloved by Toni Morrison about the slave trade after the end of the American Civil War. Depending on old your children are Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn are classic historical fiction books, I will be re-reading those this year.


  3. I also was converted from indifferent to fervent fan. I agree the methods used to shovel facts down our throats, many of them inaccurate or downright suspect, is part of the problem, especially when you feel you’ve been hoodwinked. But I took an upper level history class in college and it changed everything for me, including my major. Have you read Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen? That’s a great starting point to clear away the sludge of an uninspired history education and start fresh.


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