Is it crazy or is it Quelf? It’s a crazy new game that my kids played at a friends house and begged us to get for the family. It says it’s a party game, but when you have a family of six, isn’t every day a party? Kids love to get together and  play games. Video games, board games, just getting together with their family for some quality time is a good time.

Silly games like Quelf provide great outlets for your family and friends to get together and laugh. We always enjoy playing card games like UNO, Phase 10, and Pictureka on car trips and while camping. At home the kids love to play board games like Operation, Risk, Trouble and now we’ve added Quelf to the mix. Playing games together as a family helps bonding, and relieve stress. We learn valuable  social skills such as turn taking, sharing and communication. These skills need to still be honed even by adults.  I don’t think there is a more fun way to do it then by playing games.
Quelf involves different categories. Some will require you to balance things on your head or perform some other silly act. Other cards will have more trivia type questions for you to answer. Sometimes you will have to go around with the table each person participating in a joined effort, for example; naming The Simpson’s characters. We only got two deep with that one. It’s interactive, silly and fun. It also comes with different age ranges. We played the 16 and up game, but had no problem with my 7 year old participating.
It is so wonderful that our children can learn so much just by having fun and spending quality time with their family. There is no need to point out that they are learning spacial awareness or they are learning how to play fairly. The wonderful thing about the process of game playing, is that it all happens without us even have to be conscious of it all. Games are a wonderful mode for organic learning. It happens with what seems like, little to no effort and in a joyful environment. Like I wrote in my post yesterday, when we learn something through play, it stays with us.
I clearly remember growing up and Friday nights being family game night, even when I was in High School. Our family often had rousing games of Life, Pit, and my favorite, Monopoly. Then when we visited my Grandparents and cousins, we would all play UNO together, and sometimes we got to play Cheerio Poker. I look back at these memories with great fondness. It was a time filled with friends, family and fun. We try to carry out that tradition with our kids when we get together with my parents at the beach. We still talk about certain games long after they are over.
What games does your family enjoy together? Any game recommendations?


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