worldschoolingImagine the idea of the world being your classroom. No four walls to limit your learning. In fact your education wouldn’t start at 8 am and end when the bell rings at 3pm, it would be much longer than that. Now add to that the thrill of being in another part of the world, learning about different cultures and languages, by experiencing them, being immersed in them. That is the idea of worldschooling.

My late husband, Ian, was raised all over the world. He went to school in England and Australia. His mother grew up in Africa and Portugal. His brother lives in Bulgaria. To him the world was an open classroom. He was a worldschooler in many ways. We were able to do a lot of traveling together before he passed. We traveled to Mexico, Portugal, Spain, England. He had high hopes of traveling to China, but he died before those plans were realized. He was so enthralled with learning other cultures and appreciated cultural differences. He seemed at home anywhere he went. I loved that quality about him.
We were able to pass that love of travel onto our daughter Big Z. She was with us for most of those trips abroad. She was a pro at flying and seemed at home exploring different cultures. I was sure I wanted to pass this love of the world to both of my children after their dad died. So the three of us went on adventures and long road trips together. We drove to Canada and visited Niagara Falls. We drove to Vermont and visited family and friends along the way. We enjoyed fantastic foods and met new friends along the way.
Fast forward to several years later, now Poose and I have high hopes of exposing our family to wonderful traveling adventures. Our family regularly takes trips to State Parks to camp and explore. Since Poose and I got married last June we’ve already been to 5 states together as a family. We are planning to do some long term traveling this summer. I am very excited about the possibilities and the adventures that awaits us. It is so wonderful to have found someone that has a shared vision of exploration.
Some families are out there traveling the globe with their children. Some of my favorites are Lainie and Miro in Peru.  I particularly love that she is a single mom. They just finished up doing a TedX talk sharing their experiences. Another is eadventuregirl she has visited 24 countries with her family over a 7 year period. She has a fantastic blog sharing her learning experiences while traveling. They have lots of experience in world travel.  My very close friend has taken this idea to the extremes of the Mexican desert. There she writes about their adventures surviving the many differences of life in Mexico. Her teenage son recently did a video blog of what life was like where they live, HERE. 
I am so in love with the idea of world schooling. I believe it can help children grow to be well rounded, and interesting adults. I think exposing them to different people and different places helps them to be tolerant and open minded. You can’t help but learn when you are exposed to new ideas and new places. I hope you will check back in the future, I plan on writing more about our travels. What places have you visited and what have you learned? What do you think of the idea of worldschooling?


2 thoughts on “Worldschooling”

  1. Travelling offers more in-depth education than anything you can learn in a classroom, even at home. My first memorable experience was at age 3, crossing the Atlantic by ship and I’ve been travelling as much as possible, ever since. May you and your family enjoy many adventures on the road together!


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