Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville, SC

Downtown Greenville, SC Photo by @z_photoz_ on Instagram

Downtown Greenville, SC Photo by @z_photoz_ on Instagram

So I’ve been doing this write tribe challenge this week and have been catching up writing about our travels over the past year. As a new blended family we just reached our year mark last month. It’s been fun for us to bond while we camp at different state parks not too far from home. Sometimes we get the opportunity to travel when Poose gets invited to share a bible lecture in American Sign Language at a local Deaf congregation. That was the situation that brought us to Greenville, SC.  When we get invited to attend a deaf congregation we always research what state parks are nearby so we can start planning our camping trip. We were happy to find that Paris Mountain State Park was close where we needed to be in Greenville,SC.

Paris Mountain State Park is a smaller state park but with very nice camping facilities. There were paved camping sites for us to park our RV. This always makes things a little nicer when it comes to being level. We traveled to Paris Mountain in February, and had perfect weather for our trip. The kids enjoyed riding their bikes around the camping area and we had the chance to hike a few trails. The  park is surrounding Lake Placid which has a nice trail that circles the lake. Lil’ Z and I took a morning and explored wildlife and other cool things from nature on the Lake Placid Trail. It was an easy trail that took us below the dam and around the lake. We had a fun time seeing the ducks and squirrels on that quiet morning of our hike.

We went into Greenville for dinner and found a fantastic place called thePita House. They served authentic middle eastern dishes, it was so delicious. There is a middle eastern market attached to the restaurant, we had fun there too. I often find that finding delicious ethnic food is often cheaper and most always more delicious than eating at a chain restaurant with the same ole foods.

Downtown Greenville photo by @z_photoz_ on Instagram

I found Greenville to be a unique and beautiful town. It’s definitely a town designed to make you want to walk around, hang out and enjoy the people and the scenery. Falls Park is an incredible downtown space designed with  plenty of space for kids to enjoy nature and families to relax together. My very favorite park of the park was the beautiful exposed root system of one of the trees along one of the walkways, it was like a piece of art in in itself. Our family enjoyed an afternoon just walking around Downtown Greenville. I was so impressed with the cleanliness of the town, the friendliness of the people and the beautiful layout of the city. The Liberty Bridge just begs for you to walk across and see what awaits on the other side. There was something for everyone in our family. Perry was  even thrilled to find a gluten free bakery.

Have you ever visited Greenville, SC? Where are your favorite places to camp? Do you have a favorite State Park?

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