How to sell at a farmers market

How to sell at a farmers market

How to sell at a farmers market

Are you a farmer and you are wondering how you can make fast your farm sales? We got you sorted. One of the best ways that you can make this happen is to sell at a farmers market. It is a relatively new market concept that you should try. It is not complicated. The following simple tips should be a guideline for you:

Respond to the market demand

The first step is to ensure that you give products that are on demand. What you take to the market should be able to respond entirely to what the community needs. For instance, if you realize that people prefer the pre-washed lettuce, then that is what you should offer instead of wasting your time with the whole heads. Ensure offer as fresh products as possible as no one will need wilted or spoiled farm products.

Have a visible signage

Selling to your customers directly gives you a chance to interact with your clients. Some of your clients will be eager to know your farming methods and the type of fertilizer and pest control methods that you engage in your firm. You can make use of a banner to tout the benefits of your farm products. For instance, if you use organic manure, do not hesitate to indicate it on your banner. You can as well come up with fliers with your farm pictures and give out to your clients. This helps them to become loyal to you as they feel connected to your business.

Select your location wisely

In most cases, at the farmers market, you will always choose the stall or space to rent. Ensure you select a location with high traffic so that your prospective clients can identify you from all directions. Such sites might be more expensive in terms of rent than the rest of the locations which are hidden. Do not fear to pay for it since the sales that you are most likely to make will be high such that the rent will become negligible. Try as much as possible to stand out among your competitors for better sales.

Always offer samples

Every buyer wants gifts. This is actually a way of lowering them to come over again and again. Imagine you are selling products from your farm. It does not cost you any loss if you give free sample. For instance, if you are selling oranges, you can choose to cut a few into slices so that your customer can have a taste of what he or she is buying. This is a sure bet to have your clients buy more, especially if you have quality farm products.

Be consistent

The last thing that you should never under-estimate is your consistency. Imagine going to the market to buy from a specific seller then failing to get them. It is so disappointing. You don’t need to allow your clients to go through that. Ensure that you are consistent in your time and also in the products you provide. This is the only way of making clients loyal to you. Remember, you cannot be loyal to sellers who are not dependable in their supply.

Selling at the farmers market is very simple. It is more profitable than when you have a broker in between. If you got a chance to harvest, it is beneficial to join a farmers market. If you follow the tips given above, you will always make the profit that you need. It is very fulfilling to be part of this market since you also get the customer feedback directly.

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