What is a farmers' market

What is a farmers’ market? 

Farmers’ market is one of the old marketing strategies which are getting revived today. It is simply a market place which brings farmers together occasionally as they sell their products directly to the clients. In most cases, the market takes place weekly, although, in some states, it might take place monthly depending on the farmers’ organization. During such occasions, the farmers can interact with their final product consumers to get feedback on whether their products are meeting the market demand or not. Getting such feedback might not be possible when the farmers sell their products to retailers who later sell them to the consumers since they are interested in making money.


Basically, it is the farmer who knows what it means to take the whole process of planting to harvesting than selling to the market. It is ideal for letting them interact with the final consumers directly. During the farmers market, the consumers also get a chance to learn a lot as far as the products they use at home is concerned. Interested customers can even be trained into venturing into farming out of the interaction. This means that farmers’ market is not only there to have the farm products sold but also to strategize on how to meet the demand of the consumers.


During the farmers’ day, there is always some entertainment depending on the culture of the region. This means that it is not an annoying experience, as some people may think. It usually is something that is well planned so that every sale goes as planned. Prices might be fixed at a given range so that as a farmer, you choose what can give you the income that you want.


Even as a farmer, you get a chance to buy the farm produce that you don’t farm. For instance, if you are a dairy farmer, you still need vegetables, fruits, cereals, among other products to survive. This means that a farmers market gives everybody a chance to be a buyer and a seller at the same time. You never go wrong at the farmers market.


The final consumers also get a chance of interacting with the farmers as they get fresh and flavorful produce. If you have a way of preserving your farm products like fruits, vegetables and animal products which are highly perishable, you should never fail to attend the market. You can organize yourself so that you take what can serve you till the next farmers’ day. Remember the products are relatively cheaper on such days.


Maybe you are wondering how you are going to know the market that is closer to you. Do not be worried. There are many farmers’ markets that are coming up to serve your needs. Most of them are advertised through the media to prepare both the farmers and the consumers. If you don’t get any update, you can still check online. Just search for a farmers market near me, and you will get direction based on your IP address.



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