Project Simplify- You Pick, week #5


We’ve made it to the final week of the Project Simplify challenge. It has really made a difference in our home. So this week we got to pick our own hot spot. I chose our arts/crafts ¬†homeschooling area. The crayons, fabric scraps and glue sticks seem to have a mind of their own and were trying to take over. I had to take control and put them back in their right place. I really like to keep the space on top of the shelves cleared off, but that hasn’t been working out so great. So I tackled the flat surfaces first then worked from there. The end results were awesome, I’m very pleased.
Thank you Simple Mom for hosting Project Simplify!!


Project Simplify- The Refrigerator and Pantry, week 4

I decided to tackle the refrigerator the day before grocery shopping. It seemed an ideal time because it was mostly cleared out. This made it easier to wipe down the shelves. It easy for me to neglect little spills and bits of stickiness left behind by jars. So it was nice to wipe everything and see it all nice and neat.

Last month we did the Eat From the Pantry Challenge. So we really worked on dwindling down our supplies in our food pantry. I’ve been slowly building them back up this month. So for the most part, the pantry was organized, except for the spices. That shelf needed a lot of help. We found lots of spices that were well past their prime. It looks much better now.


Thanks again to Simple Mom for hosting Project Simplify. I’m really enjoying the challenges each week. We’re more than half way through. One more week to go, are you on board?

Project Simplify-Kid’s Toys, Week 3




This week we were ¬†focusing on simplifying the kids toys. This is an area that needs constant attention. We tried to implement the rule that if you bring home something new, then something else needs to leave. However we haven’t really been enforcing this. The stuffed animals keep multiplying, despite our best efforts. Big Z had a great attitude after the initial “Oh no!” when I revealed to her the hot spot for the week. She did an excellent job of purging over 3 bags of toys, animals and random items from her room and toy room. Great job, kid!


I was a little late grabbing my camera. These before photos are a few minutes after they pulled everything out to start sorting. Lil’ Z wasn’t of much help, but he did think it was a lot of fun to have all the toys spilled on the floor at the same time. We use ¬†two large shelves from Ikea in our school/toy/office room. As I’ve mentioned before, we don’t have a lot of space for storage in our house. So these shelves come in very handy. We rotate between two Rubbermaid containers each week for toys for Lil’ Z. This works well for him and keeps his interest. Then we have the other toys separated into baskets. One basket for small cars, one for trains and tracks, one for musical instruments, etc. We have a lot of games and puzzles then are put on the top left shelves, where only Mama and Daddy can reach. The very top of these shelves are used for storage. We have canning jars, a birthing ball, globe, and craft items in close reach for when they are needed. Yet not low enough for the kids to get into.
It was a pretty successful week. The kids enjoy their toys a lot more when they are organized and sorted. Thanks, Simple Mom!