We’re pregnant

Yes, we recently found out that we are expecting baby #2. We’ve been talking about baby #2 for awhile, and it looks like it’s finally a reality. I’m so excited. We asked our daughter to keep it a secret for a short while, until we, at least, had our first apointment with our midwife. Well, she didn’t do a very good job. She would whisper to our friends as soon as I would leave the room, “I have a secret. I’m going to be a big sister.” So it looks like the excitement is contagious.
I’ve recently spent some time reflecting on my daughters’ birth as I get prepared for our next experience. We had our daughter at St. Mary’s hospital. For a hospital birth, it was wonderful. We had a cooperative doctor, Dr. Fields, that very open minded and made the experience enjoyable. We were also lucky enough to have Lindsay Rogers on staff. She is a RN that also works as a doula and Prenatal yoga instructor, she was so invaluable to our birth experience. We were able to labor at length in the shower which was exactly what I needed. When my daughter was born, the hospital staff was fine with her being born on the floor with me on all fours. It was fantastic.
Now, for baby #2, we are going to the birthing center. We feel more educated in the birthing process and feel the birthing center will meet our needs better. I also teach birthing classes there, and I’m really impressed with their staff and their dedication to natural childbirth.
I’ve decided to blog about my pregnancy experiences as I go. I hope you enjoy it.