The Old Bailey House

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house in trees

I love my house, I knew from the instant that we walked in approximately 13 years ago that this was where I wanted to live. It has character and style. It’s has soul and a beautiful history about it.
It was built in approximately 1890. The mayor lived here and there was a store in the front corner of the yard. There was a post office in the area behind our house and the town doctor lived next store. Sadly all of that is now gone. The glory days of the house didn’t end, however. Ed Bailey, five-time All-Star professional baseball player was raised here. That is when the house was given its name, The Old Bailey House.

The view out our window.

Nothing is even and there are no clear corners in the house. It is crooked and leaning, but I like it that way. We don’t have many doors, except for on the bathroom,(which is kind of a necessity). There are hardwood floors throughout the house, with lots of crown molding and tin looking ceilings on the bottom level. All of the bedrooms are upstairs, again with no doors. There are two old fireplaces, and large wooden beams highlight the kitchen.

In recent years, however, my house has become a great source of frustration. Old houses require a lot of patient upkeep. Since I’m a single parent now, I have kind of dropped the ball in that area. I guess I just don’t have the know how to keep up with it all, so as a result this last year has been filled with many growing pains. It’s been a struggle to find competent workers that do quality work at a decent price. One man just ran away with $600. of my money, never to return. There are also such a wide variety of opinions on what needs to be done, that it often leaves me frozen with indecision.

Our dining room

This year I’ve had to spend a lot of my focus on our kitchen. I’ve had to replace the kitchen countertops twice this year. I first used bamboo counter tops, but they molded almost right away, so then I went with a ceramic tile. We replaced the floors. There were over 5 layers of flooring underneath. I was shocked when we found the most beautiful, thick hardwood had been covered up with linoleum.

The process took a lot longer than I was originally expecting. Our dining room was filled with boxes for months. I was so thrilled when we were finally able to put everything back into the kitchen and use our dining room again.

stove backsplash

The backsplash behind the stove is a lot of small tiles. I had new cupboards put in around the corner from the stove. By the way, don’t you love the old stove. It’s so cute. Old homes never have enough storage, so I also had the large cupboard to the left of the stove installed. It has large pull out drawers which work perfectly for pantry items.


Do you love old homes, or prefer the convenience of a nice, new home? My parents love new homes and having everything perfect and neat. I am content with crooked and cute. You?
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Mamatography 2014- Week 1: Cookies

A dear friend of mine invited us over to make cookies with a few other kids. Little did I know it was a cookie extravaganza!  The cookie dough was made ahead of time, then we just had to roll out the dough, place the cookie cutters and bake. The kids had a blast decorating farm animals, dinosaurs, cowboy boots and random shapes. It was great for the moms to get together to chat while the kids had a blast running and laughing together.
Instead of focusing on the artificial food coloring I tried to focus on the fun (while encouraging the nibbling of carrots).  How do you deal with parties and times with friend and family that includes food that you’d prefer to avoid?


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Co-Sleeping with the Humanity Family Sleeper

Father’s Lib (at 2:00 a.m.)
 by Wally Bennett
Oh, how nice it would be,
If other dads could be like me.
While they’re up and bottles pouring,
I’m in bed soundly snoring!
-That is, of course, if there is room.
At 1 a.m. Baby pops in,
Then a toddler kicks me in the shin.
Mommy’s hanging off the edge,
Sister’s on the other ledge.
Poor dad can’t move or do a thing-
Except to buy a SUPER KING!

– taken from “The Family Bed” by Tine Thevenin


humanity-bed-baby  humanity-bed-baby-mother  co-sleeper-2


 I quickly discovered with our oldest daughter over 10 years ago, that co-sleeping is a Mama’s answer to a good night’s rest and continued successful breastfeeding.  It fosters attachment and promotes long-term security. Dr. Sarah Buckley, among others, believe the Humanity Family Sleeper is a product that can make co-sleeping even safer and easier, also calling it ‘one of the best investments a new parent can make.’
So what is the Humanity Family Sleeper? It’s an organic bed topper with an attached pillow which helps prevents roll offs or pushing your bed against the wall. We are going to discuss the use of the Humanity Organics family sleeper as an aid to successful bed sharing.
Let’s start with the body/maternity pillow feature. As a pregnant mom, you quickly learn your best friend for a good night’s rest is your body pillow.  The Humanity Organic family sleeper comes with a body pillow which is easy to unzip and separate from the generously sized pad. The pillow is made from an organic cotton sateen and filled with eco-friendly kapok, which is a natural tree fiber. The body pillow can be spot cleaned or the cover can be removed for easy cleaning in cold/warm water. Once the baby arrives the pillow is easily attached to the organic pad.  The pad measures 36 inches wide by 58 inches  long; which is a perfect size for mama and baby with no seams to irritate. The family sleeper is a high-quality bed top sleeper made of 4 layers of the finest organic cotton flannel.  There is no need to worry about waking up in a puddle of breast milk or worry about a leaking diaper. The absorbent organic pad will protect your mattress. It is machine washable (cold/warm water to prevent shrinkage) and can be hung to dry or dried on low heat.
Like mentioned in the poem above, if you sleep with more than one child the Humanity Family Sleeper can really be helpful. Simply place the baby on the side with the bolster pillow and the older child on the other side of mom. Many families have commented that the Humanity Family Sleeper is easy to travel with and they like the idea of having their familiar sleeping environment with them. This makes bedtime more relaxing when you’re away from home.  This pillow top sleeper has no toxic fumes and  is made in the USA.
As if waking up snuggled next to your wee one’s face wasn’t enough, now there is a way to make co-sleeping safer, comfortable and more convenient with the use of the Humanity Family Sleeper.

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