How do I use Eucalan or other Wool Wash products on my Wool Covers?

Eucalan wool wash has many different uses in the laundry room and around the house. It is environmentally friendly and effective for repelling moths, yet safe for all your fine clothing. The lanolin helps ward off static cling and wrinkles in your clothes. Did you know you can even use Eucalan wool wash on your dog as a natural flea deterrent? Eucalyptus is a natural flea and ant repellant. It will not harm your doggy friend, and it will even help his coat to shine. It does all of this and still smells wonderful.

There are several reasons why we love Eucalan. It is biodegradable, low sudsing and contains no phosphates. Eucalan is NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS!

Let me explain how to use your Eucalan for washing items at home:

  1. When using the washing machine. You can choose to use warm or cold water. Add aprox. 3 tsp of wash to your load of laundry. For hand washing use 1 tsp per gallon. If you need to spot treat an area, use Eucalan full strength.
  2. You’ll want to let your items soak in the wash for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  3. Gently squeeze your items, be careful not to be too harsh when doing this. You can also roll your items up in a towel.
  4. DO NOT RINSE! Eucalan is a no-rinse formula. Skip the rinse cycle on your machine and go directly to spin cycle. It leaves no residue to worry about. If washing by hand, squeeze gently some more! See how Eucalan saves you water, time and money!
  5. Lay your items flat or hang to dry. Do not place in a direct source of heat or sunlight