Our little man weighs in

We had a 2-week post-partum visit with our midwife Wednesday. All is well, we’re feeling good! Our little guy weighed in at 9lbs, 10 oz! We had such a great home birth and are thankful to Lisa and her assistant, Robin for their support through our pregnancy & birth. Here they are with our little guy. Lisa’s website is http://www.miraclesfromheaven.com


First midwife appointment

We had our first appointment at the Birthing Center this morning. This was definitely longer than a first doctor appointment. We met with our first midwife, Laura. She was very friendly and down to earth. I felt relaxed with her. I learned how to take my weight and check my urine when I come to all of my appointments. She took our history and asked a lot of questions. I always think getting your history and asking a lot of questions is important for everyone involved. We talked about our first birth experience, our wishes for this next birth, as well as our family history. Then we had a welcome packet that discussed different options as far as prenatal testing. We signed papers saying which tests we were declining and which we agreed to. She also gave us some homework for our next visit. I needed to write down my nutrition for three days as well as read through the handbook. I also needed to bring in my food supplements that I was taking, so they could look them over to make sure it met their standards.
We want a water birth, so we did agree to have a blood test to check for HIV so that the midwives feel comfortable in working with you. I then went with Laura to an exam room where I had a routine exam. My husband and daughter were called in later to hear the baby’s heartbeat. That was exciting.
Now I felt comfortable in telling the world. We heard the heartbeat, and it was all feeling more real to me now. We scheduled our next appointment. The birthing center has 5 midwives that I’ll be working with. I’ll have appointments with them all during the course of our care.